Melbourne Tigers Girls Basketball welcomes athletes of all abilities to tryout. Our program strives to assist the development of girls and young women through sport in all its undertakings. Accordingly we emphasise loyalty, resilience, generosity and team work as key core values in all our club processes.

Tryouts will take place over several sessions commencing Sunday 8 October. Attendance at ALL tryouts is compulsory.


The selection process will involve input from the club’s coaches involved in that particular age group managed by the Tigers Girls Director of Coaching. It is important to understand that past team selection and playing grade is not an automatic indication of future team selection.

 Athletes will be assessed against the following selection criteria

  • Potential to compete successfully at VJBL level
  • Game sense, competitiveness and athletic ability (e.g. speed, quick hands and strength)
  • Potential to be socially compatible and display teamwork
  • Having the right attitude towards the coach, showing interest and respect at all times
  • Being highly receptive to coaching feedback including the ability to transfer information into training and playing situations
  • Outstanding desire and commitment to improving mental, physical and basketball skills

Within this process coaches will be strive to be objective and:

  •  Demonstrate an even-handed approach to every athlete
  • Support the selection process and reinforce the qualities the club is looking for and the commitments required