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  1. Ashlea Stainer, Bianca Babic and Courtney Gaze return to SEABL 2018
  2. Monique Conti returns to SEABL Women’s Team 2018
  3. Briana Babic returns for SEABL 2018
  4. Introducing 2018 SEABL Men’s Staff
  5. Melbourne Tigers Welcome Back Jack Bines to SEABL 2018
The Melbourne Tigers Girls runs a skill development program for its athletes each term. Coached by Ray Tomlinson and Annie Curtin the sessions are valuable for athlete development.
Details and booking links are:
The Melbourne Tigers Girls Basketball Club, its athletes and families will abide by the following VJBL policies

11. Photography Policy:

12. Concussion: The Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club has adopted the Basketball Australia Concussion Guidelines. Concussion, even mild, can have serious consequences if an athlete returns to training and playing too early.
Please note that the guidelines state that a medical clearance (GP or treating specialist) is required following an episode of concussion in order to resume training and playing.

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