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The Melbourne Tigers is Australia’s most famous and successful basketball club. The Melbourne Tigers have produced more World Championship players, andOlympians than any other basketball Club in Australia.

The Melbourne Tigers is famous internationally and is home of the country’s most famous basketball names, Lindsay and Andrew Gaze.

Established in 1931, 2017 is the 86th year of the Melbourne Tigers. The Tigers have been located in the Albert Park area for the duration of their existence. In August of 2017, the Melbourne Tigers will launch a Hall of Fame with a dinner at Lakeside Stadium. Three legends will be inducted and eight Tigers people will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame provides a platform for the club and the community to recognise, honour and perpetuate the memory of the valuable contributions made by individuals to the Melbourne Tigers. The Hall of Fame will also honour teams that have performed exceptionally at the highest level since the clubs inception.

In conjunction with providing expert basketball coaching and mentoring, Melbourne Tigers have always strived to compete at the highest level possible but have also prided themselves on playing with first class sportsmanship and integrity.


The Hall of Fame will consist of three levels:

  • Life Member – People who have played for the club for an extended period and achieved recognised accolades e.g. multiple state selection, selection for Australia etc. People who have contributed to the club in an official capacity for an extended period e.g. Score Officials, Coaches, Team Managers etc.
  • Hall of Fame Member – People who have made significant contributions to the club through playing achievements or in an official capacity
  • Legend – People who have had a major effect on the club and the sport of basketball in Australia.


The establishment of the Melbourne Tigers Hall of Fame is long overdue and we ask that former and current players and contributors join us in helping celebrate the people that have made the Melbourne Tigers the great club that it today, has been for 86 years and will be in the future.


Tigers HoF Flyer